South Korea will release its overarching defense strategy

The South Korean defense ministry said Tuesday it is seeking to release an overarching national defense strategy next month to chart a mid- and long-term direction for the country’s security policy. Similar to the United States’ National Defense Strategy, the document will replace the existing National Defense Policy. In it, the ministry outlines a 15-year policy direction that will be published every five years.

South Korea will release its overarching defense strategy“The ministry is aiming to publish the national defense strategy in early March,” the ministry said in a press release. “It is an overarching document of the defense ministry designed to put forward a clear mid- and long-term strategic direction.” Due to its classified content, it will likely not be available to the general public. An outline of broad goals was released last week by the ministry, which will be included in the defense strategy.

In addition to “integrated, active” defense, the plan seeks to address complex security challenges, such as the North’s nuclear escalation, the intensifying Sino-American rivalry, and the effects of climate change. Seoul and Washington also aim to develop their partnership into a global comprehensive strategic alliance and strengthen their solidarity through “alliance and solidarity.”